Who needs TV or even TiVo?

I know lots of people who swear by their Tivo and even more that religiously plop down in front of the boob tube every week to watch their favorite shows. I am sure even know some who record their shows on VCR (even if they’d never admit it to me).

I have never been able to come up with a normal routine that would allow me to regularly watch a show at the same time every week. I think the closest I’ve ever gotten was a six-week run this last round of Heroes. But now that boyfriend is busy with his work schedule, even that has gone out the window.

None of this means I don’t like to watch TV. It just means I’m never going to watch shows when they air live on a regular basis. Add this to the fact that I’m a cheapskate (see https://colleenjaycox.com/2009/02/16/cheapskate-moment-of-the-day/ and https://colleenjaycox.com/2009/02/09/im-just-not-that-into-the-movies/) and it means that I refuse to invest in a TiVo. And since I’m so stubborn, there’s no way I’d push aside the rest of my life to watch dumb TV shows. Yes, I watch dumb TV shows. Dumb and fabulous.

So what’s the solution to my cheap, unscheduled tendencies? Watching TV online.

Did you know that most TV channels (at least the ones I watch, anyways) offer online versions of their shows? Two words: God send. And you can watch CABLE/SATELLITE CHANNELS online. I live in the boonies. Where cable TV dare not come. And I dare not pay extra for satellite in my bedroom. But who cares when I can just go online and watch shows whenever I want? FOR FREE!

In addition to being able to watch them any time you want, there are also minimal commercials. Instead of four two-minute breaks, you may have to suffer through three 30-second breaks. Not too shabby.

Here are some of the channels/shows that I love to watch when I do find the time:


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