Cheapskate Moment of the Day

I’m beginning to realize that I have turned into a curmudgeon. Yep. That’s right. I am a tightwad. And it seems to have happened over night.

I went to the LiveNation site today to see if tickets were available for the St. Louis leg of the Coldplay tour this year. Luck would have it, yes! And lawn seats are $35! Sweet. (After typing this I did realize that $35 is a lot to sit cross-legged on a weed besotten hill… I digress…)

So I add two tickets to my cart and go to check out. Total: $114.30.

Wait. $35 + $35 = $114.30? No. No, it does not. I may have been a communication major, but I know basic math.

It turns out that 2 x ($35 ticket + $6 parking fee + $13.85 ticket fee + $2.30 tax) = $114.30.

What is a ticket fee? Why should each person have to shell out $6 for parking? I am sure each person does not bring their own vehicle. Why not be honest and say each ticket is actually $57.50 instead of adding on $22.15 in extra charges?

Pricing is just one component of the marketing mix. But lately in my case, pricing has been the deciding factor in my decision whether or not to purchase something. Can I afford it? Yes. Will I go against my principles? Nope. Sure I like the band. But I don’t like LiveNation tacking on $13.85 in unknown fees. Please.

I decided not to buy the tickets. Maybe I’ll go buy 5 movie tickets instead. At least then I could sit in a chair!


2 thoughts on “Cheapskate Moment of the Day

  1. I recently had one of these moments when buying tickets to a sporting event. But I didn’t have the same will power you seem to have displayed; I bought the tickets. The fees are ridiculous considering the cost of printing and mailing a ticket. Do these companies even employ humans? Probably only to turn on the machines…

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