The future is cool, yet blotchy and with a British accent

Have you been to the Orange Future Self micro site yet? I have and this is what I saw. For Orange's 20th anniversary, the European telecom company uses some futuristic technology to take your photo via webcam, scan your facial features, and then serve up an avatar you can talk to via microphone or chat … Continue reading The future is cool, yet blotchy and with a British accent


Awkward campaign of the day

As if the Kotex U Beaver wasn't unsettling enough, now I find out that Burger King is launching their Whopper Virgins campaign in 5 days. No, you are not mistaken. It's called Whopper Virgins. They've travelled to the ends of the earth to find people who have never before eaten a Whopper... or a Big Mac. Then they did a taste test to see which burger the "virgins" liked best.

Baking Soda is Amazing – Why isn’t it marketed as such?

When baking soda first hit the mass market in 1846, it was advertised as follows: “Not only does baking soda neutralize odoriferous fatty acids but it also attacks grease by turning it into — believe it or not — soap.” Now most people just keep a box in their fridge to keep it from smelling bad. What happened?