Friday Funday

Just wanted to a take a quick minute to wish everyone a happy Friday and a fun-filled weekend. Here's a video from a Volkswagen campaign. They took an ordinary subway staircase and transformed it into a piano. Might not have *much* to do with driving a VW, but it is about brand awareness. They try … Continue reading Friday Funday


Mad Men according to Sesame Street

AMC's Mad Men is officially cultural phenomenon. Not because it won a ton of awards. Not because every blogger and Twitterer writes about them. Not even because Banana Republic launched a line of clothes inspired by the show. Mad Men has rocketed in the uber phenomenon status because cute little muppets are now teaching kids … Continue reading Mad Men according to Sesame Street

Advertising and blogging – finally there are rules!

When I was in college I was offered a job blogging. Cool. Right? I thought so too until I found out that the company wanted me to blog about their clients products and how fabulous they are. And while I'm all for evangelizing the stuff I like, I think it's crooked when people get paid … Continue reading Advertising and blogging – finally there are rules!

Thirty second = 32nd or :30?

Every morning on my way to work, I listen to the radio. That means I have to listen to poorly executed radio commercials. Over and over again. Today I was zoning out, when I heard, "Celebrate Shell's thirty second anniversary." Immediately I thought to myself what's a 30 second anniversary?! I was waiting for some sort of marketing schtick about how Shell stations pump gas 30 seconds faster than other gas stations or some other meaningless claim. As the commercial goes on, they say "it's been a great 32 years." OH! When they said thirty second, they meant 32 years, not half a minute! I just wonder if they could have said the same thing, minus the early morning confusion. Did anyone from the Shell advertising team even think about the fact that the two phrases sound the exact same? And the worst part about this? I'm probably the only one who noticed.

Baking Soda is Amazing – Why isn’t it marketed as such?

When baking soda first hit the mass market in 1846, it was advertised as follows: “Not only does baking soda neutralize odoriferous fatty acids but it also attacks grease by turning it into — believe it or not — soap.” Now most people just keep a box in their fridge to keep it from smelling bad. What happened?