Holograms you can touch

In the third grade, my class converted a bathroom into a hologram lab. We spray painted a Donald Duck figurine silver and shot a laser at him and through the magic of science, I now have a piece of glass in a jewelry box under my bed that has a 3D Donald Duck image on it.

If you think that story is cool, wait until you see this University of Tokyo project. They used Wii remotes and ultrasound technology to develop tactile holograms.

I know it sounds really complicated (much like my Donald in the John story), but don’t worry. Basically, there is a 3D image floating in the air courtesy of a curved mirror. It moves based on how you move in front of the Wii remotes. Then there’s this fan thing that blows air at you, based on what the 3D image is doing. Thus, you feel the movement of the hologram.

Still confused? Just watch this and be amazed.

This story comes to your courtesy of the Amnesia blog.


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