For the first time I am beginning to see a PERSON!

I received a rather timely response from Provost Weixlmann today and I am happy to report that he responded to my questions much more thoroughly than I anticipated and with a more human face than I have seen in his communication with other alumni members on this matter. That being said, humans lie. And I wonder where, on the delicate balance of truth, his response lies. Please see Weixlmann's response in bold. I hope to provide my commentary on his response in a post later today.


Letter to Dr. Joseph Weixlmann, Provost at Saint Louis University

Provost Weixlmann, I am disheartened to hear of your cold and calloused remarks toward my fellow Saint Louis University alumni in the wake of the controversy over the university's actions against Dr. Avis Meyer. Most specifically, I am referring to your e-mail responses to Eric Holthaus and Amy George Rush. After all, these are the sons and daughters of SLU, results of the fine education you and your colleagues purport to have bestowed upon them.

A Source of Both Pride & Shame

Today I am filled with two conflicting emotions. Both pride for my fellow alumni who have rallied behind our beloved professor, Dr. Avis Meyer, and shame for my alma mater that has relentlessly persecuted the tenured professor. As I mentioned in my post earlier today about the new Save Avis Blog, a years-long struggle between Meyer and Saint Louis University, most particularly Father Lawrence Biondi, S.J., continues with wasteful, emotionally and financially draining legal action.

Save Avis

As a proud alumna of Saint Louis University, Department of Communication, 2007, I am appalled by the attacks by the university on tenured faculty member, Dr. Avis Meyer... I urge you to visit to learn more about the struggles of Dr. Meyer against the university.