Seeking sponsors for 2010 United Way Chocolate, Wine and All That Jazz

If you've been reading the blog since last summer, you'll know that I am a chairperson for the United Way of Greater St. Louis' Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz. We are in full swing (pun intended) and getting ready for this year's event. Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz is exactly what you would … Continue reading Seeking sponsors for 2010 United Way Chocolate, Wine and All That Jazz


Using Mailchimp for E-blasts

If you're a regular reader, you know that I am on the board for the Gateway Tennis Association. My grandfather founded Gateway as a way to create opportunities for recreational tennis to help grow the sport in St. Louis. After my grandfather passed away in April, I started working closely with a group of AMAZING … Continue reading Using Mailchimp for E-blasts

Up in the Air Trailer starring George & St. Louis

I got a lot of hits on my blog back in the day with my post of pictures of George Clooney filming Up in the Air in downtown Clayton. The teaser trailer has been released. Check it out here and tell me if you understand what this movie is supposed to be about. And if … Continue reading Up in the Air Trailer starring George & St. Louis

Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz

For the last six months I have been working with a group of volunteers and staff members from the United Way of Greater St. Louis to help plan an event called Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz. When I first heard that the United Way needed volunteers for an event that included FOUR of my … Continue reading Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz

Out of Africa

I am most definitely not in Africa. But from the projects I've been working on, I might as well be. Nurses for Africa At work, we're helping out with a site for 16 nurses from St. Louis that are in Zambia, providing medical care and education and HIV/AIDS prevention. Zambia is in southern Africa. Each … Continue reading Out of Africa

Top Brands on (and off) Twitter

Of the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitter, the vast majority do not have corporate accounts. Imagine the influence that these brands could have if they were engaging in conversations with consumers via Twitter. They could answer questions, respond to reviews and, in general, gain insight into how their customers feel about their brands. So … Continue reading Top Brands on (and off) Twitter

Happy first birthday, blog!

I can hardly belive that it's been a year since I started my experiment in blogging. My boyfriend was the kind of kid who would take a part things just to see how they worked. I never understood those people... until it came time for me to understand the Internet. It started when I was … Continue reading Happy first birthday, blog!

St. Louisians have nothing better to do

...and neither do I. Normally nothing exciting happens here. That's why half the population (mostly female, I'd presume) has gone crazy over the temporary residency of George Clooney - in town for a couple months to shoot a film. Sorry George. You can't walk across the street without crazy people taking pictures. And even crazier … Continue reading St. Louisians have nothing better to do

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it

I just received awesome news from one of my friends from college. As part of a group project my senior year, I worked with a team to create an integrated communication campaign for the League of Women Voters St. Louis chapter. The organization has a rich and active history, but has been struggling to recruit new members. As part of our proposed campaign, we suggested tying in a special event as a throw-back to the 1916 Walkless, Talkless Parade. Today I got word that the organization is going to have a reenactment on Saturday, September 6th! The event is in conjunction with the Kids Voting program. I can't tell you how excited I am to hear that the LWV is breathing new life into their organization and teaching kids about the importance of voting.