Test Drive with Google Apps

I am exploring Google Apps more and more for my projects outside of work. While I am a die-hard WordPress fan for CMS and SEO reasons, I think that Google's apps are awesome. For example, I currently host all of my sites emails through Google MX and Gmail. In addition, I have started using Google … Continue reading Test Drive with Google Apps


Happy first birthday, blog!

I can hardly belive that it's been a year since I started my experiment in blogging. My boyfriend was the kind of kid who would take a part things just to see how they worked. I never understood those people... until it came time for me to understand the Internet. It started when I was … Continue reading Happy first birthday, blog!

Funny story

So this blog got 114 hits yesterday... from people searching for a picture of Cookie Monster. I knew it couldn't be because they were actually interested in what I had to say. Thanks to WordPress for killer SEO and to Google Images for helping Cookie-Monster-picture-seekers all over the world find my site.