And now a word from the Peanut Gallery

Growing up, I never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No Reese's Pieces. No peanut butter Girl Scout cookies. Deprived? Not really. My mom is terribly allergic to peanuts. While I have a sensitivity to them (attributed mostly to apprehension and the fact that I've never developed a taste for them), if my mom is exposed to peanuts in any form (did you know that some SOAP has peanut oil in it?), she swells up. Without a shot, her throat can swell shut and she'll stop breathing. Last night, the St. Louis Cardinal's hosted a Peanut-Free section at Busch Stadium. This section allowed fans (especially families with allergic children) to watch the baseball game without worrying about a reaction. The only bummer is that there are no other peanut-free games scheduled, yet.