New developments in the Avis Meyer saga

If you haven't been there in awhile (or at all!) PLEASE visit the Save Avis blog to find out more about the recent media coverage and blog chatter about Saint Louis University's actions against professor Avis Meyer. Today, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a story by Kavita Kumar about the situation and editorial staff member Alex Mayer posted a great commentary on the logic behind SLU's actions and their attack on freedom of the press. Plus, Amy George Rush and Jenny Rolf just launched an awesome new site dedicated to informing people about the situation and supporting a SLU legend. Visit the new!


For the first time I am beginning to see a PERSON!

I received a rather timely response from Provost Weixlmann today and I am happy to report that he responded to my questions much more thoroughly than I anticipated and with a more human face than I have seen in his communication with other alumni members on this matter. That being said, humans lie. And I wonder where, on the delicate balance of truth, his response lies. Please see Weixlmann's response in bold. I hope to provide my commentary on his response in a post later today.

Continued Communication with SLU Administration

I received a response from SLU Provost Joe Weixlmann yesterday and wanted to share its contents. While he did not give me the "whole hog" response he's provided to several other alumni, I was taken aback by his response. Rather than respond to my questions, he inferred that because I am appreciative of Dr. Meyer's work, that I think he can do no wrong, and am, therefore, illogical. Please read on for my response to the provost.