A Little Happy on your Wednesday

This video made me smile. I have never wanted to play the piano as bad as I do now! Anyone know what song this is? I found this video on A Cup of Jo and here's the back-story: "Elderly couple Fran and Marlo walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and … Continue reading A Little Happy on your Wednesday


Friday Funday

Just wanted to a take a quick minute to wish everyone a happy Friday and a fun-filled weekend. Here's a video from a Volkswagen campaign. They took an ordinary subway staircase and transformed it into a piano. Might not have *much* to do with driving a VW, but it is about brand awareness. They try … Continue reading Friday Funday

Band geekiness

I have a confession to make. I am a band geek. In elementary school it started out easy enough - class plays and concert choir. Then I taught myself to play a little piano. In sixth grade, I signed up for band class. I thought I'd play the clarinet. The procrastinator gene in my family … Continue reading Band geekiness