Worth 1,000 Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Recently a client request came through my office for an illustrator that does real time drawings of meetings. The idea behind the concept is that written notes are more apt to be biased and meaning distorted than if an artist sketches the conversation. This was a … Continue reading Worth 1,000 Words


5th Street McDonald’s Hiring Friendly People

Just saw this video from a McDonald's in St. Charles, MO. The restaurant needed more time to complete this man's order, so they asked him to pull out of the drive-thru. He refused and so it appears that they refused to serve him his food. Ten minutes later he goes into the store to speak … Continue reading 5th Street McDonald’s Hiring Friendly People

Great American Road Trip

As you may (or may not) know, I am about to embark upon an awesome adventure with one of my best friends, Katie. Oh, and I did I mention that her dog Elphie is tagging along? I am flying out to Seattle tonight. Tomorrow morning we're hopping in her car and driving about 2,200 miles … Continue reading Great American Road Trip