Keeping it in perspective

At work, I am constantly reminded of the generational gap between young adults, like myself, and older business colleagues when it comes to both culture and technology. One of my primary responsibilities at work is to educate others on appropriate use of technology and how it can enhance their brand's marketing efforts. The gap extends beyond the conference room and into everyday casual conversation. This year, we've been experiencing devastating floods here in St. Louis. My coworkers talk about their memories of the last flood. When they turn to hear my anecdotes, all I can offer is that my mom took a picture of me sandbagging in Valley Park when I was in the second grade. Yes, I was in the second grade in 1993. To help relieve the shock when dealing with youngsters, Beloit College in Wisconsin publishes the Mindset List each year to help college professors understand the perspective of incoming college freshmen.


Water Works

I recently read an article about consumer backlash against plastic water bottles and a trend toward using TAP WATER! Just five years ago, carrying around a bottle of Evian was not only refreshing, it was a status symbol. Now with a slower economy, combined with increased awareness about environmental impact, people are finally starting to see that plastic bottles of water aren't as cool as they once thought they were.