Navigating a Vague Corporate Social Media Policy

You may have noticed this blog has been unfortunately blank for most of the last year. Aside from general negligence, I have been contemplating my company's vague social media policy, which states there is to be no use of social media for business purposes. The primary reason for this ban has been the lack of … Continue reading Navigating a Vague Corporate Social Media Policy


Mad Men according to Sesame Street

AMC's Mad Men is officially cultural phenomenon. Not because it won a ton of awards. Not because every blogger and Twitterer writes about them. Not even because Banana Republic launched a line of clothes inspired by the show. Mad Men has rocketed in the uber phenomenon status because cute little muppets are now teaching kids … Continue reading Mad Men according to Sesame Street

Why Tweets aren’t enough

I'll admit I've been sucked into the Twitter world. So much so, that I have to limit my time on it to once every few hours. Hey, some people get coffee breaks or cigarette breaks... I get Twitter breaks. I started using TweetDeck, which is an application that allows you to organize, search and mark … Continue reading Why Tweets aren’t enough

Advertising and blogging – finally there are rules!

When I was in college I was offered a job blogging. Cool. Right? I thought so too until I found out that the company wanted me to blog about their clients products and how fabulous they are. And while I'm all for evangelizing the stuff I like, I think it's crooked when people get paid … Continue reading Advertising and blogging – finally there are rules!

Happy first birthday, blog!

I can hardly belive that it's been a year since I started my experiment in blogging. My boyfriend was the kind of kid who would take a part things just to see how they worked. I never understood those people... until it came time for me to understand the Internet. It started when I was … Continue reading Happy first birthday, blog!

All the cool kids are doing it

When I first started blogging... it was mostly for giggles. I wasn't really sure that it was useful or even that much fun. Then I started to see the hits to my site. People from all over the world started commenting on my posts. And I realized that some people are interested in seeing things from my point of view (crazy, I know!). As the end of the 4th quarter approaches - a year after "official recession-dom" - everyone is talking about blogs. How they're free... search-engine friendly... and extremely effective for creating two-way communication. And a lot of companies are now scrambling to start something up. People that are effective bloggers are in high demand. Don't believe me? Read Douglas Karr's latest post on Talent Zoo: Your Company is Going Under, and You Could Have Stopped It.