Busy busy busy me

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the last couple months. In additional to all of my personal projects, things have really been picking up at work. I am hoping that this upward swing is an indicator that people are regaining confidence in our economy. I get the … Continue reading Busy busy busy me

Day Two: A Doozy

Over the River and Through the Woods I was wide awake at 5am to start day two of my trip. Mind you, I am still on central time, so it was 7am in my world. I took a shower and packed up my stuff and by then Katie was awake and ready to go. After … Continue reading Day Two: A Doozy


I am continually amazed by the return on investment that I have experienced through networking. Whether it be through business meetings, volunteer work or even social media, I have been able to start building a network of people that can help out whenever I need anything. And I mean anything. If I need to find … Continue reading Networking

‘Til Automatic Bill-Pay Do We Part

Last weekend I was talking with people about the joys of automatic bill pay. It reminded me of a blog post I read a month ago about a man who had all of his bills on auto-pay. He passed away, but since his bills kept getting paid on time - no one found out for TWO YEARS. It's sad that the man had no one in his life - family, friends, neighbors, not even a landlord - that cared about him enough to check in on him. I guess that's the downside of the convenience of auto-bill pay. At least the repo-man cares enough to stop in when you haven't paid the bills.