Top Brands on (and off) Twitter

Of the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitter, the vast majority do not have corporate accounts. Imagine the influence that these brands could have if they were engaging in conversations with consumers via Twitter. They could answer questions, respond to reviews and, in general, gain insight into how their customers feel about their brands. So … Continue reading Top Brands on (and off) Twitter

Why Tweets aren’t enough

I'll admit I've been sucked into the Twitter world. So much so, that I have to limit my time on it to once every few hours. Hey, some people get coffee breaks or cigarette breaks... I get Twitter breaks. I started using TweetDeck, which is an application that allows you to organize, search and mark … Continue reading Why Tweets aren’t enough

Who needs TV or even TiVo?

I know lots of people who swear by their Tivo and even more that religiously plop down in front of the boob tube every week to watch their favorite shows. I am sure even know some who record their shows on VCR (even if they'd never admit it to me). I have never been able … Continue reading Who needs TV or even TiVo?

Follow me on Twitter

For those of you who aren't familiar with Twitter, it's like a Facebook status for the world to see. For those of you who aren't familiar with Facebook, wow. You can now follow me on Twitter at Or check out the latest updates in the bottom right corner of the site, via the Twitter … Continue reading Follow me on Twitter

Cookie Monster

C is for cookie... and Colleen! If you're like me and loooove cookies, then you'll be excited to see that the Girl Scout Council has set up a web site to make it easier to find the Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts slingin' yummies in your hood. Go to and type in your … Continue reading Cookie Monster

I don’t get it

Can someone please help me understand UNIQLOCK? I just don't get it. From the UNIQLO site: UNIQLO blog part UNIQLOCK first appeared on our home page in June 2007 as part of our polo shirt campaign. UNIQLOCK is a blog part with a built-in clock function. A group of girls wearing UNIQLO clothes introduce their … Continue reading I don’t get it

I was going to write about this later…

But with 2009 quickly approaching, I thought I should share the latest tool in combating procrastination: You can go to the site to set goals and report on milestones and developments. You can even bet on yourself. A handy dandy referee (assigned yourself) has to verify your accomplishments via email. If you don't live up to your resolution, you're not only humiliated with a "failure" status - you have to buck up the money to the charity, organization or person of your choice.

All the cool kids are doing it

When I first started blogging... it was mostly for giggles. I wasn't really sure that it was useful or even that much fun. Then I started to see the hits to my site. People from all over the world started commenting on my posts. And I realized that some people are interested in seeing things from my point of view (crazy, I know!). As the end of the 4th quarter approaches - a year after "official recession-dom" - everyone is talking about blogs. How they're free... search-engine friendly... and extremely effective for creating two-way communication. And a lot of companies are now scrambling to start something up. People that are effective bloggers are in high demand. Don't believe me? Read Douglas Karr's latest post on Talent Zoo: Your Company is Going Under, and You Could Have Stopped It.