Ode to Etsy

I've been meaning to put together a fabulous post about Etsy.com and why I love it so much. But then real life gets in the way of fun things like that. Etsy is a web site devoted to handmade and vintage items. Basically, it's an online craft fair and vintage shop rolled up into one … Continue reading Ode to Etsy

I’m just not that into the movies

I love going to the movies. Sitting in the back center with my Buncha Crunch, taking in the giant screen and the surround sound... love it. So you can imagine my excitement for a Saturday night dinner-and-a-movie date this past weekend. First, I headed to San Sai - a yummy new Japanese fast-ish food concept … Continue reading I’m just not that into the movies

Take these golden wings and learn to advertise

I was thoroughly disappointed by this year's Superbowl ads. You'd think that if a company decided to drop a couple mil on an ad, they'd make it remotely entertaining... or... <gasp!> memorable. I still haven't figured out why there were ballet dancing football players with lizards. And don't even get me started on invented words. … Continue reading Take these golden wings and learn to advertise

I don’t get it

Can someone please help me understand UNIQLOCK? I just don't get it. From the UNIQLO site: UNIQLO blog part UNIQLOCK first appeared on our home page in June 2007 as part of our polo shirt campaign. UNIQLOCK is a blog part with a built-in clock function. A group of girls wearing UNIQLO clothes introduce their … Continue reading I don’t get it

I was going to write about this later…

But with 2009 quickly approaching, I thought I should share the latest tool in combating procrastination: http://www.stickk.com. You can go to the site to set goals and report on milestones and developments. You can even bet on yourself. A handy dandy referee (assigned yourself) has to verify your accomplishments via email. If you don't live up to your resolution, you're not only humiliated with a "failure" status - you have to buck up the money to the charity, organization or person of your choice.

Guns N’ Sodas

No one craves caffeinated beverages like Guns N' Roses fans. That's why when Dr. Pepper teamed up with Guns N' Roses to offer a free Dr. Pepper soft drink for every American fan in honor of the release of the first GN'R album in 17 years. In the first 24 hours after the release of Chinese Democracy, fans inundated the Dr. Pepper web site. Then the Dr. Pepper site crashed and fans got ticked off. Not only did they get mad at Dr. Pepper for the site crash, they got mad at GN'R. Talk about a sales promotion gone wrong.

Let’s talk about (teen) sex

First Juno. Then Jamie Lynn. Next, it was the Pregnancy Boom at Glouchester High in Massachusetts. Today the CDC reports teen pregnancies are at a 15-year high. And this 2008 International Advertising Festival at Cannes from a Saatchi & Saatchi third party vendor. What's with the teen pregnancy obsession?