Out of Africa

I am most definitely not in Africa. But from the projects I've been working on, I might as well be. Nurses for Africa At work, we're helping out with a site for 16 nurses from St. Louis that are in Zambia, providing medical care and education and HIV/AIDS prevention. Zambia is in southern Africa. Each … Continue reading Out of Africa


Happy first birthday, blog!

I can hardly belive that it's been a year since I started my experiment in blogging. My boyfriend was the kind of kid who would take a part things just to see how they worked. I never understood those people... until it came time for me to understand the Internet. It started when I was … Continue reading Happy first birthday, blog!

Cheapskate Moment of the Day

I'm beginning to realize that I have turned into a curmudgeon. Yep. That's right. I am a tightwad. And it seems to have happened over night. I went to the LiveNation site today to see if tickets were available for the St. Louis leg of the Coldplay tour this year. Luck would have it, yes! … Continue reading Cheapskate Moment of the Day

I’m just not that into the movies

I love going to the movies. Sitting in the back center with my Buncha Crunch, taking in the giant screen and the surround sound... love it. So you can imagine my excitement for a Saturday night dinner-and-a-movie date this past weekend. First, I headed to San Sai - a yummy new Japanese fast-ish food concept … Continue reading I’m just not that into the movies

Funny story

So this blog got 114 hits yesterday... from people searching for a picture of Cookie Monster. I knew it couldn't be because they were actually interested in what I had to say. Thanks to WordPress for killer SEO and to Google Images for helping Cookie-Monster-picture-seekers all over the world find my site.