Review: STLUX 2011

On February 25, I attended my first ever STLUX conference. STLUX is a one-day user experience conference where professionals come together and explore current research, trends, and best practices in creating phenomenal user experiences. The conference was held at the meeting facilities at the Edward Jones headquarters, but it was organized by GatewayCHI. (Fun fact: … Continue reading Review: STLUX 2011


Worth 1,000 Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Recently a client request came through my office for an illustrator that does real time drawings of meetings. The idea behind the concept is that written notes are more apt to be biased and meaning distorted than if an artist sketches the conversation. This was a … Continue reading Worth 1,000 Words

Who is JD Power?

I keep seeing all of these commercials for products advertising that they have X number of awards from JD Power & Associates. Who is this JD Power and why should I trust his associates? I went to to try and figure that out. Turns out it is a marketing information company that does research, … Continue reading Who is JD Power?

Ode to Etsy

I've been meaning to put together a fabulous post about and why I love it so much. But then real life gets in the way of fun things like that. Etsy is a web site devoted to handmade and vintage items. Basically, it's an online craft fair and vintage shop rolled up into one … Continue reading Ode to Etsy

Memorable? Yes. Appealing? No.

This is an Australian ad for the Kimberly-Clark tampon brand Kotex U. The company based the ad's creative on research that the animated pet shares a moniker with a nickname for feminine private parts. While it's certainly an unforgettable commercial, I'm not sure it makes me want to go out and purchase their products. Yikes.

There’s no age limit on Internet access

Fast forward to 2008 when we have a 71-year old senator running for president of the United States. On July 14, the Telegraph from Great Britain published a story about how Sen. John McCain is computer illiterate. In the story, they claim that he doesn't surf the Internet or send e-mail. ow, granted I am nearly 50 years younger than him and work in the technology industry. But there is no way that I am okay with the leader of the free world being incapable of Googling himself. Or sending an important Oval memo. I mean, REALLY? In response to this report, the Associated Press wrote an article on the web usage trends of American seniors.

Would you rather…?

Analyzing priorities in a digital world I spent the holiday weekend at a friend's lake house. One day while we sat on the dock, his father asked me if I'd rather go without the Internet or my cell phone? To me, this made no sense - considering I can access the Internet from my phone AND make calls online. Add that to the fact that I own a laptop and have a wireless air card for Internet access...I realized that I am fortunate to have so many ways to communicate that I do not have to chose between technologies! The Beneath the Brand blog recently posted an OTX survey of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17, asking them which scenario they would prefer. The findings indicate that today's adolescents have a completely different perspective on communication, social relationships and technology.