Advertising and blogging – finally there are rules!

When I was in college I was offered a job blogging. Cool. Right? I thought so too until I found out that the company wanted me to blog about their clients products and how fabulous they are. And while I'm all for evangelizing the stuff I like, I think it's crooked when people get paid … Continue reading Advertising and blogging – finally there are rules!

Auto-Donate 3% of your Schnuck’s Bill to Charity

I just learned about a new program from Schnuck's grocery stores in Missouri and Illinois. According to the St. Louis United Way GenNext group: Schnucks has partnered with Electronic Scrip to allow their customers an easy way to support their favorite charities. Shoppers donate up to 3 percent of their grocery bill, at no additional cost, by … Continue reading Auto-Donate 3% of your Schnuck’s Bill to Charity

Cookie Monster

C is for cookie... and Colleen! If you're like me and loooove cookies, then you'll be excited to see that the Girl Scout Council has set up a web site to make it easier to find the Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts slingin' yummies in your hood. Go to and type in your … Continue reading Cookie Monster

I was going to write about this later…

But with 2009 quickly approaching, I thought I should share the latest tool in combating procrastination: You can go to the site to set goals and report on milestones and developments. You can even bet on yourself. A handy dandy referee (assigned yourself) has to verify your accomplishments via email. If you don't live up to your resolution, you're not only humiliated with a "failure" status - you have to buck up the money to the charity, organization or person of your choice.

All the cool kids are doing it

When I first started blogging... it was mostly for giggles. I wasn't really sure that it was useful or even that much fun. Then I started to see the hits to my site. People from all over the world started commenting on my posts. And I realized that some people are interested in seeing things from my point of view (crazy, I know!). As the end of the 4th quarter approaches - a year after "official recession-dom" - everyone is talking about blogs. How they're free... search-engine friendly... and extremely effective for creating two-way communication. And a lot of companies are now scrambling to start something up. People that are effective bloggers are in high demand. Don't believe me? Read Douglas Karr's latest post on Talent Zoo: Your Company is Going Under, and You Could Have Stopped It.

Online marketing for job searches

Just posted on my Resume Rehab blog about a woman who is looking for a job using a t-shirt with her resume printed on it. Too bad when I tried to look for her online to find out more, she didn't have a web site, online resume, Linked In, blog, Facebook page... nothing. Given the fact that the Internet has taken over the world of marketing (and most of the world, in general) is it possible for a successful marketer to have a virtually non-existent web presence? Doesn't seem like a very effective personal marketing plan to me.

Keeping it in perspective

At work, I am constantly reminded of the generational gap between young adults, like myself, and older business colleagues when it comes to both culture and technology. One of my primary responsibilities at work is to educate others on appropriate use of technology and how it can enhance their brand's marketing efforts. The gap extends beyond the conference room and into everyday casual conversation. This year, we've been experiencing devastating floods here in St. Louis. My coworkers talk about their memories of the last flood. When they turn to hear my anecdotes, all I can offer is that my mom took a picture of me sandbagging in Valley Park when I was in the second grade. Yes, I was in the second grade in 1993. To help relieve the shock when dealing with youngsters, Beloit College in Wisconsin publishes the Mindset List each year to help college professors understand the perspective of incoming college freshmen.

I’m embarrassed for you.

I finished making the graduation-party rounds this weekend and, boy, am I glad! After sitting through my fair share of boring school graduations ceremonies, I wish that I would have had some of the "excitement" that some kids in Cleveland enjoyed when they found out that their high school misspelled the word "education" on their high school diplomas.