Me and the Monster

One of the most popular search terms for people showing up at my blog used to be the Cookie Monster - because I posted a pic of the good ol' C.M. in an old post and Google Images kept directing people here to check it out. Since that traffic has slowed down, I guess I … Continue reading Me and the Monster

Cinco de Who Cares?

Call me "el Grincha" but I couldn't care less about celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the occasional margarita. But why exactly should I care about Mexicans defeating the French in the battle of Puebla? Contrary to what many ignorant Corona drinkers may believe, Cinco de Mayo is not the … Continue reading Cinco de Who Cares?

Seeking sponsors for 2010 United Way Chocolate, Wine and All That Jazz

If you've been reading the blog since last summer, you'll know that I am a chairperson for the United Way of Greater St. Louis' Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz. We are in full swing (pun intended) and getting ready for this year's event. Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz is exactly what you would … Continue reading Seeking sponsors for 2010 United Way Chocolate, Wine and All That Jazz

You get what you pay for

In a down market like the one that we have been experiencing for the last year and a half, it's easy to understand why businesses are watching every penny.  I do it when I go shopping - why wouldn't a marketing manager or CEO? But lately I have been surprised by the number of business … Continue reading You get what you pay for

When life hands you lemons…

Make Lemonade. Do yourself a favor and take 35 minutes to watch this documentary called Lemonade that chronicles the big things that former ad agency employees were able to do once they were given the gift of losing their job. During this recession, I have watched fellow colleagues get the pink slip. I have watched … Continue reading When life hands you lemons…

Books IN Cameroon

In October, I wrote a post about Books for Cameroon. My college friend, Wendy, was putting together a monumental Peace Corps project to bring 22,000 books to more than 28 libraries across the West African country of Cameroon. She was just a few thousand dollars short of the funds needed to pay for a shipping … Continue reading Books IN Cameroon

Who is JD Power?

I keep seeing all of these commercials for products advertising that they have X number of awards from JD Power & Associates. Who is this JD Power and why should I trust his associates? I went to to try and figure that out. Turns out it is a marketing information company that does research, … Continue reading Who is JD Power?

OK Go, you make me smile

It seems that every time a new OK Go music video comes out, I fall in love all over again. It reminds me of that Mouse Trap board game. Except way cooler. I love that OK, Go em braces not only having a good time with their music videos, but also the power of viral … Continue reading OK Go, you make me smile


Two weeks ago, I attended a retirement luncheon for a co-worker. While I was busy grabbing a sub sandwich and slice of cake, I overheard the retiree talking to some others about how he first met the CEO of our company thirty years ago making books. Knowing that I work in interactive marketing where 99% … Continue reading Obsolescence

Help Haiti

Did you know that Haiti is considered the only 4th world country in the Western hemisphere? That was before yesterday. After a 7.0 earthquake, more than 3 million people are estimated to have been affected by collapsed buildings and infastructure. Hospitals can't handle the demands of the injured earthquake victims. The presidential palace, parliament and … Continue reading Help Haiti