Why Tweets aren’t enough

I'll admit I've been sucked into the Twitter world. So much so, that I have to limit my time on it to once every few hours. Hey, some people get coffee breaks or cigarette breaks... I get Twitter breaks. I started using TweetDeck, which is an application that allows you to organize, search and mark … Continue reading Why Tweets aren’t enough

Island Reef Job – Vote for Nikki

Have you heard about the Best Job in the World yet? Queensland Australia is accepting applications for an Island Caretaker. The six-month contract is based on luxurious Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a live-in position and key responsibilities include exploring the islands of the Great Barrier Reef to discover what the area … Continue reading Island Reef Job – Vote for Nikki

Online marketing for job searches

Just posted on my Resume Rehab blog about a woman who is looking for a job using a t-shirt with her resume printed on it. Too bad when I tried to look for her online to find out more, she didn't have a web site, online resume, Linked In, blog, Facebook page... nothing. Given the fact that the Internet has taken over the world of marketing (and most of the world, in general) is it possible for a successful marketer to have a virtually non-existent web presence? Doesn't seem like a very effective personal marketing plan to me.

Pay it Forward

Community service. Maybe it's the people with which I surround myself. Maybe it's something to which I am drawn out of a desire share my blessings with others. I've always wondered the extent to which one should be pleased with their community service. Obviously there's the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from knowing you helped someone else out... but I've found there are often pretty selfish reasons to get involved with community service: reputation, fun, networking.

The Great Race Begins

As we slowly defrost into Springtime, my friends are in a mad panic to either figure out what they want to do with their lives... or make a mad dash for grad school, so it looks like they know what they're doing. With that being said, resumes, job searches, networking and all things "real world" are on my mind. Since it's been less than I year since I embarked upon my own grown-up job hunt, a few tips are fresh in my memory: 1. Have It Your Resume 2. Network It Out 3. Follow Up Yours 4. Say Thank You Like You Mean It 5. Rinse and Repeat