Mad Men according to Sesame Street

AMC's Mad Men is officially cultural phenomenon. Not because it won a ton of awards. Not because every blogger and Twitterer writes about them. Not even because Banana Republic launched a line of clothes inspired by the show. Mad Men has rocketed in the uber phenomenon status because cute little muppets are now teaching kids … Continue reading Mad Men according to Sesame Street

Future View: 1993

Today during my team's morning status meeting, we were talking about technology and how we're bummed that cars still can't fly like they did on The Jetson's. Then, I came across a post about AT&T's 1993 ad campaign "You Will" and their predictions for how new technology would impact our everyday lives. Makes me wonder, … Continue reading Future View: 1993

Using Mailchimp for E-blasts

If you're a regular reader, you know that I am on the board for the Gateway Tennis Association. My grandfather founded Gateway as a way to create opportunities for recreational tennis to help grow the sport in St. Louis. After my grandfather passed away in April, I started working closely with a group of AMAZING … Continue reading Using Mailchimp for E-blasts

Up in the Air Trailer starring George & St. Louis

I got a lot of hits on my blog back in the day with my post of pictures of George Clooney filming Up in the Air in downtown Clayton. The teaser trailer has been released. Check it out here and tell me if you understand what this movie is supposed to be about. And if … Continue reading Up in the Air Trailer starring George & St. Louis

This Campaign Cost Nothing

In one sentence: I am blown away by the VIA Group's pro bono project for the Salvation Army of Northern New England. As you can see from these photos, they were able to use donated ad space, volunteers and local businesses to put the Salvation Army's message and mission all over Portland, Maine. Learn more … Continue reading This Campaign Cost Nothing

Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz

For the last six months I have been working with a group of volunteers and staff members from the United Way of Greater St. Louis to help plan an event called Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz. When I first heard that the United Way needed volunteers for an event that included FOUR of my … Continue reading Chocolate, Wine & All That Jazz

5th Street McDonald’s Hiring Friendly People

Just saw this video from a McDonald's in St. Charles, MO. The restaurant needed more time to complete this man's order, so they asked him to pull out of the drive-thru. He refused and so it appears that they refused to serve him his food. Ten minutes later he goes into the store to speak … Continue reading 5th Street McDonald’s Hiring Friendly People

Holograms you can touch

In the third grade, my class converted a bathroom into a hologram lab. We spray painted a Donald Duck figurine silver and shot a laser at him and through the magic of science, I now have a piece of glass in a jewelry box under my bed that has a 3D Donald Duck image on … Continue reading Holograms you can touch

Viral Video Wednesday

In addition to my last post about the web cam music video, I just found another great example of viral video marketing. This time, it's Benson mattress company's attempt to set the world record for mattress dominos. Mattress dominos? Yeah. See it for yourself: How ridiculous and fun. I like when the people scream and … Continue reading Viral Video Wednesday