I feel honored…

…to be in the top 5% most-viewed profiles on LinkedIn.

How does that old saying go… “You’re one in a million!” Except that there are 200 million LinkedIn profiles. And I am one in ten million.

I mean, I’m not even that good at math and I know that it’s not special.

There are 313,914,040 people living in the US. 6,021,988 live in Missouri. If I were trying to be all elitist, I could just share with my colleagues, friends and family on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that: “I am one of the top 1.9% of Missourians living in the US!”

So sorry to the other 99% of Americans who don’t live in Missouri and my apologies to the other 95% of LinkedIn users who didn’t get a dumb email to blog about.


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