Hairspray on the dry erase board, who knew?

We all do it from time to time, leaving dry erase marker on the dry erase board too long. Then when the time comes, no matter how hard to try to wipe it off, the marker will not come off. Spraying water on it is futile.

Google to the rescue!

I searched “how to clean dry erase board stains” and found a tutorial that said to first try 1 part vinegar/3 parts water. I sprayed it on and scrubbed with a rag. It maybe removed 40% of the marker. In school, 40% is still an F.

The next step on the tutorial said to spray hairspray on the dry erase board, wait a few seconds, then wipe it off with a paper towel. SUCCESS!

Afterwards, I just wiped the board clean with a damp rag to remove the stickiness.

The secret to the hair spray success is its alcohol content. I would also venture to say that the tackiness also helps pick up the marker off the board.

So next time you accidentally leave the marker on the board too long, you can impress your coworkers with this little secret. You’re welcome.



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