Navigating a Vague Corporate Social Media Policy

You may have noticed this blog has been unfortunately blank for most of the last year. Aside from general negligence, I have been contemplating my company’s vague social media policy, which states there is to be no use of social media for business purposes. The primary reason for this ban has been the lack of precedent or monitoring capabilities in the highly-regulated financial services industry.

That’s about all I have to say or will comment about as far as social media and work are concerned, because, well, I can’t use social media for business purposes.

Safe to say that so long as I’m not talking shop on Facebook or drumming up business anywhere other than my standard issue email address and phone number, I can blog about my personal interactions with social and digital media in the field of online marketing. Right?

No, seriously. Tell me I’m right. Tell me I can write about cool new work or perplexing issues in the interactive marketing realm so long as it doesn’t mention my day job.

Please tell me you agree.

I’ve seen some companies that ask their employees to include a disclaimer that says that their opinions and words are not representative of the company for which they are employed. Other companies have multi-page acceptable use policies. Or, in the case of my previous employer, there was no policy at all… other than don’t do anything dumb.

So while a more formal social media policy is in the works at work, I will try to err on the side of caution while still trying to be a productive member of blogging society.

In the mean time, please tell me what you think about the intersection of personal and occupational social media use.


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