Books IN Cameroon

In October, I wrote a post about Books for Cameroon.

My college friend, Wendy, was putting together a monumental Peace Corps project to bring 22,000 books to more than 28 libraries across the West African country of Cameroon. She was just a few thousand dollars short of the funds needed to pay for a shipping container to transport the books from the US into Cameroon. In the days leading up to the deadline, enough funds trickled in to fund the project.

For the last couple weeks, Wendy has been dealing with a lot of bureaucracy trying to get the books into the country. It took trips to the big city to talk with politicians, ambassadors and Peace Corps leaders… and now I am happy to report the  GREAT NEWS!

On Saturday, a 40-ft container of 23,000 books arrived in Bafoussam, Cameroon.  Since then, the team of volunteers has been working to sort through 617 boxes of books.

So thank you for sending moolah or happy thoughts their way. You made a difference!


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