Busy busy busy me

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the last couple months.

In additional to all of my personal projects, things have really been picking up at work. I am hoping that this upward swing is an indicator that people are regaining confidence in our economy.

I get the impression that a lot of companies are starting to shake the dust off and see that their first quarters weren’t as bad as they had expected and they are ready to invest in business again.

Of course, being in St. Louis gives me a different perspective. In a lot of ways, the city has been insulated. We haven’t seen the swings in real estate and financial industries that have shaken places like California, Florida, Las Vegas and NYC.

Sure, we lost AB to In-Bev. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia/A.G. Edwards. And the car companies are shutting down some St. Louis-based plants. As awful as it is to lose these companies, my friends are reporting seeing more job openings and business picking up at their jobs too.

So, I leave you now, busy and hopeful for continued busy-ness (and business!) for us all.


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