Site of the Day:

When I was in college, I scheduled my courses around the ratings at The site allowed students to review professors based on their grading, assignments, lectures, etc. and provide a brief explanation of their rations. Plus, cute teachers earned a red-hot-chili-pepper icon, too.

Now that I’m a grown up, I have to worry about things like finding a good doctor (a task once reserved for my mom). Today, I found a site called, from the same wonderful people who helped me find great teachers in college. allows visitors to search by name and region for doctors. The site isn’t solely reserved for general physicians, either. You can find pediatricians, OBGYNS, dermatologists, you name it. I looked up my former pediatrician, who scored a 5/5 perfect rating – good job mom!

I hope that more people start using the site, because it will be really helpful to read reviews on doctors helpfulness, punctuality and knowledge.

Now I’m off to rant about a dermatologist that tried to solve all my problems by writing prescriptions.


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