I don’t get it

Can someone please help me understand UNIQLOCK?

I just don’t get it.

From the UNIQLO site:

UNIQLO blog part UNIQLOCK first appeared on our home page in June 2007 as part of our polo shirt campaign. UNIQLOCK is a blog part with a built-in clock function. A group of girls wearing UNIQLO clothes introduce their original dance with the screen changing in time with the clock. The overriding aim is to transmit UNIQLO’s global view to the world using our MUSIC×DANCE×CLOCK form of communication that can transcend any language barrier.

At the same time, our WORLD.UNIQLOCK has become increasingly well known in the Internet world. The WORLD.UNIQLOCK page on our website shows a world map displaying the number and location of users who incorporate UNIQLOCK parts into their own blogs.

When we launched our second cashmere version of UNIQLOCK in October 2007, we had 33,481 blog parts established in 73 countries around the world.

We launched our third version of UNIQLOCK blog part, “20 COLOR T”, on April 28 in which we express a strange world where live pictures and animation merge.

UNIQLO is currently aggressively expanding its global operations in New York, London, Hong Kong, South Korea and China. We will continue to design promotions focusing on our key ”global” theme.”

Comments appreciated.


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