I was going to write about this later…

But with 2009 quickly approaching, I thought I should share the latest tool in combating procrastination: www.stickk.com.

You can go to the site to set goals and report on milestones and developments. You can even bet on yourself. A handy dandy referee (assigned yourself) has to verify your accomplishments via email.

If you don’t live up to your resolution, you’re not only humiliated with a “failure” status – you have to buck up the money to the charity, organization or person of your choice.

It almost makes me not want to have a goal for fear of failure and embarrassment. I think I’m keeping my resolution a secret! That way if I screw it up, no one knows how big a loser I actually am.

Read more about http://www.stickk.com via this article on CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/12/30/procrastination.economics/index.html?iref=mpstoryview

If you’re feeling a little bit more confident about your New Year’s Resolution, I’d love to hear what you’re striving for this year!


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