All the cool kids are doing it

When I first started blogging… it was mostly for giggles. I wasn’t really sure that it was useful or even that much fun. Then I started to see the hits to my site. People from all over the world started commenting on my posts. And I realized that some people are interested in seeing things from my point of view (crazy, I know!).

As the end of the 4th quarter approaches – a year after “official recession-dom” – everyone is talking about blogs. How they’re free… search-engine friendly… and extremely effective for creating two-way communication.

And a lot of companies are now scrambling to start something up. People that are effective bloggers are in high demand. Don’t believe me? Read Douglas Karr‘s latest post on Talent Zoo: Your Company is Going Under, and You Could Have Stopped It.

Now my only remaining question is whether or not the late-adopters will get anything out of jumping on the bandwagon now. Established blogs (and bloggers) have already established themselves as authorities and gained a following. And there’s no use doing something unless you do it right. I guess we’ll see!


One thought on “All the cool kids are doing it

  1. Thanks for the hat tip and links to both the article and my site! I wouldn’t evangelize blogging if I didn’t see it work to the benefit of so many companies who would otherwise be struggling. Keep on bloggin!

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