Online marketing for job searches

Just posted on my Resume Rehab blog about a woman who is looking for a job using a t-shirt with her resume printed on it.

Too bad when I tried to look for her online to find out more, she didn’t have a web site, online resume, Linked In, blog, Facebook page… nothing.

Given the fact that the Internet has taken over the world of marketing (and most of the world, in general) is it possible for a successful marketer to have a virtually non-existent web presence?

Doesn’t seem like a very effective personal marketing plan to me.


2 thoughts on “Online marketing for job searches

  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous that any marketer doesn’t have ‘some’ sort of online presence. However many of the old guard cling desperately to traditional media, like news paper ads and the yellowpages, despite the meteoric rise of social media. This sort of ‘hide our heads in the sand’ will quickly separate the men from the boys, in the long run.

    1. I’m on the fence as to whether a 29 year old counts as “old guard.” And when you’re desperate enough to wear a resume t-shirt, you’d think you’d turn to the Internet for some help!

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