I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it

I just received awesome news from one of my friends from college. As part of a group project my senior year, I worked with a team to create an integrated communication campaign for the League of Women Voters St. Louis chapter.

The organization has a rich and active history, but has been struggling to recruit new members. As part of our proposed campaign, we suggested tying in a special event as a throw-back to the 1916 Walkless, Talkless Parade.

The Walkless, Talkless Parade took place during the 1916 Democratic National Convention in St. Louis. The League of Women Voters used this opportunity to urge the Democratic presidential candidate to support women’s rights to vote.

The parade included “thousands of women wearing yellow sashes and carrying yellow parasols aligned along the route the conventioneers would travel. The women would not speak but instead stand still as judgment while the delegates passed through their ‘Golden Lane.’

On that sunny morning of June 14, more than 7,000 women, dressed in yellow sashes and carrying yellow parasols, lined Locust Street from 12th Street to 19th Street. A tableau portrayed Lady Liberty surrounded by women representing each of the states. Those who represented states that had given the vote to women dressed in white. Those who portrayed states that had failed to extend enfranchisement, Missouri among them, dressed in black and displayed manacled hands.” In the end, the Democrats voted to support their cause and by 1919, the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote.

Today I got word that the organization is going to have a reenactment on Saturday, September 6th! The event is in conjunction with the Kids Voting program. I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear that the LWV is breathing new life into their organization and teaching kids about the importance of voting.

Here’s more info about the event:

Saturday, September 6th—Yellow Umbrella Parade—A re-creation of the Walk-less, Talk-less Parade of 1916, commemorating the fight for women to get the right to vote!  Sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the St. Louis League of Women Voters
Place: St. Louis University, Boileau Hall @ Vandeventer & Laclede
9:00 a.m.: Registration
10:30 a.m.: Walk/Parade
11:30 a.m.: Speakers
Kids Voting schools can walk free—bring an ID
Non-Kids Voting:  $25 for Pre-registration or $30 on-site registration
Proceeds from the Walk will benefit Kids Voting Missouri
To Pre-Register: Phone: 314-961-6869 or E-mail: lwvmo@yahoo.com


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