Would you rather…?

Analyzing priorities in a digital world

I spent the holiday weekend at a friend’s lake house. One day while we sat on the dock, his father asked me if I’d rather go without the Internet or my cell phone? To me, this made no sense – considering I can access the Internet from my phone AND make calls online. Add that to the fact that I own a laptop and have a wireless air card for Internet access…I realized that I am fortunate to have so many ways to communicate that I do not have to chose between technologies!

The Beneath the Brand blog recently posted an OTX survey of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17, asking them which scenario they would prefer. The findings indicate that today’s adolescents have a completely different perspective on communication, social relationships and technology.

So here’s my humble opinion on the matter:

Have a lot of real friends (91%) or have a lot of online friends (9%)?
I’d rather have “real” friends. But of course all the people I talk to online are people I consider real friends, anyways.

Date someone you know from school (87%) or someone you met online (13%)?
I haven’t dated someone I know from school since I was, oh, 16? Even though Internet personals provide a level of pre-screening that I wish real dating had, I think I’d prefer meeting people in person.

Shop in a store (82%) or shop online (18%)?
If I could guarantee that everything I bought online fit correctly and was good quality, I’m pretty sure I’d buy everything online. Given that I have about a 90% failure rate in store dressing rooms – some things just need to be purchased at the store.

Watch a full-length program on TV (81%)  or online (19%)?
Before the writer’s strike, I loved that NBC let you watch shows online. First they didn’t have commercials. That was the best!

Watch no TV for a (74%) have no Internet for a week (26%)?
I could deal with the no TV thing, no problem. And even though I’m an Internet addict, I think I could survive a week without it.

Get information from the Internet (71%) or get information from traditional media like TV, magazines or newspapers (29%)?
Silly people. Don’t they know you can watch TV and read magazines and newspapers online now?

Get your locker vandalized (71%) or get your personal home page vandalized (29%)?
Not a big fan of vandalization. I guess it would depend what happened before I could determine which I’d “prefer.”

Be limited to antenna-TV (63%) or dial-up Internet (37%)?
At my parent’s house… there is both antenna TV AND dial-up Internet. How quaint. Got to love living in a heavily wooded, hilly area.

Instant message your friend (54%) or call your friend (46%)?
No contest. Total motormouth.


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