I’m embarrassed for you.

I finished making the graduation-party rounds this weekend and, boy, am I glad! After sitting through my fair share of boring school graduations ceremonies, I wish that I would have had some of the “excitement” that some kids in Cleveland enjoyed when they found out that their high school misspelled the word “education” on their high school diplomas.

Call me crazy for assuming that there would be an English teacher, or at least a college-educated administrator, that would have proofread the diploma before the run of 330 prints was completed. Or, you know, a person at the diploma printing company who would have read it.

Then again, that fancy calligraphy can really throw you off.

I learned a great trick when I was an intern – in addition to having more than one person proof a document, read it backwards! That way your brain won’t fill in the blanks like it does when you’re reading.

Another problem solved!


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