Letter to Dr. Joseph Weixlmann, Provost at Saint Louis University

Provost Weixlmann,

I am disheartened to hear of your cold and calloused remarks toward my fellow Saint Louis University alumni in the wake of the controversy over the university’s actions against Dr. Avis Meyer. Most specifically, I am referring to your e-mail responses to Eric Holthaus and Amy George Rush. After all, these are the sons and daughters of SLU, results of the fine education you and your colleagues purport to have bestowed upon them.

We come to you now to voice our concerns and you offer one-line responses. Our opinions mattered dearly as we participated in class discussions and voted in the student senate. As students, we were given a voice through the University News. Now as we come together over this matter – through phone calls, letters, e-mails, blogs and web sites – and you contend that we are misinformed.

I ask that you please inform me, as well as my fellow alumni and concerned community members, of the truth in this matter. After reading media accounts, Fr. Biondi’s state of the university address from March, and statements from Mr. Berry and Mr. Fowler on the matter, I remain unconvinced that the actions of the administration against Dr. Meyer are warranted. The answers you and the rest of the administration have thus far provided leave me unsatisfied and ashamed of my alma mater.

It is one thing to go after our beloved and highly respected professor and an entirely different matter to respond to our concerns hardheartedly. We are expressing our worries with regards to the legal war that the university continues to wage against Dr. Meyer and the personal attacks that have ensued. Now we must add to the list of our grievances, disappointment in the way that you are addressing our objections.

Without loyalty to outspoken alumni, donors, tenured faculty and the incensed voices of hundreds who have spoken out regarding the university’s actions toward Dr. Meyer and the University News, what are the administration’s motives as you continue this assault? What more can we do to voice our vehement opposition to this campaign?

Should you be unable to appropriately address the concerns of both myself and fellow alumni, I have included Fr. Biondi as well as the directors of Alumni Relations, Donor Relations and Student Development on this letter, in hopes that this situation will be fittingly resolved.

Respectfully yours,

Colleen Jaycox
College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2007


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